Friday, July 23, 2010

The Great American Road Trip Round 1: My New Home

There were many high points on my road trip but on Wednesday, I finally had the opportunity to check out my new home. We went to the farmhouse for a minute but weren't able to go in so we just took photos outside and checked out the gardens. We did get the chance to stroll around downtown Princeton which is absolutely adorable and luckily, we stumbled upon this, so I think I'll be just fine living there!

Now, I know I promised Memphis style BBQ next but we ended up going to Graceland instead of going for BBQ. BUT to make up for it, a little food highlight from Kingston, NJ... The mama and I found a restaurant just a few short miles from the farmhouse called Eno Terra. It's rustic Italian Mediterranean and was totally delish! I am sure that it will be one of our faves when we live just down the road. Our dinner included a little of this...

4 kinds of bread: sun-dried tomato, rustic sourdough, rosemary, olive

Grilled Tuna on a bed of perfectly roasted tomatoes with eggplant crisps and an eggplant tapenade

Shrimp wrapped in prosciutto and grilled over a bed of couscous

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