Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Great American Road Trip Round 1: BBQ Ribs a la Williams, Arizona

Or should I say "Round 4" since this is actually the fourth time I've travelled across our beautiful country. Either way though, this is Part 1 of 2 parts that will take place this summer due to my big move to the farm house in the Jers (aka New Jersey). This first trip is taking place with a pretty darn good road tripping buddy- my mama. We've had a blast so far looking for Golf Courses in Yosemite National Park and an overnight at a slightly shady hotel outside of Death Valley that well, we'll just chalk up to experience. I'm sure there will be lots more "experiences" to come!

And now it's officially bed time of Day 2 but by far the best food day I've had so far. The main goal of this trip is not so much the food, but more the sites. But as you know, I love food and therefore, I'm going to try to eat as locally and as delicously as possible. That being sad, instead of posting recipes the next few days (unless I stumble upon a really good one somewhere between here and the North Country, which I'm thinking is totally possible) I think I'll post a pic or two of the best food-related moment of my day. Today, it was the ribs!

I'm guessing this will be the first of many BBQ experiences as we are travelling across Texas and a bit of the south but I have to say, for Arizona, they were pretty damn good. So, without further ado, a beautiful photo of sweet, spicy, perfectly smoked and snappy... some delish Arizona style BBQ Ribs, with a yummy Grand Canyon IPA as the backdrop. On to the Grand Canyon and New Mexico tomorrow...

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