Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Farmhouse Love

GESE! I've been such a blog slacker lately! I'm kind of in a funk tonight and I'm hoping that a little blogging will help get my creative juices flowing again as well as turn my frown upside down. I'll be honest, my transition to Jersey life hasn't exactly been the easiest. I miss my career, I miss my friends, I miss the food, I miss the weather... I miss a whole lot from my life on the west coast. But, I don't think a huge move like this would be easy on anyone so I'm trying my best to focus on the good things. One of the good things being my adorable farm house and making it a beautiful home with my husband and my hounds. We finally found a home furnishings wonderland last weekend at ABC Carpet and Home in NYC. We are headed back this weekend to purchase a sofa and hopefully lots of other fun goodies to deck out our living room so be on the lookout of some pics of my newly furnished living room in the near future!

In the meantime, we got the most perfect chandelier for our dining room from Pottery Barn. It makes me want to dine in our dining room for any and all dining occasions. It is so cute and just right for the farmhouse. It's 16 mason jars and I absolutely LOVE it!

Coming up... a delish Paella recipe recently enjoyed under this very chandelier on a day filled with love.