Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deliciously Simple Weeknight Meals: Salmon with Hoisin Glaze

I had the best salmon the other night at the farmhouse and I don't even like salmon, unless it's in sushi form. I try to incorporate some sort of fish into our weekly rotation as much as possible and I'm pretty sure I'll be making this dish much more often. I think from start to finish it took me maybe 20 minutes. The glaze was an easy 4 ingredients and I'm pretty sure it would be darn tasty on just about any fish. I may even try it on chicken one day. It's sweet from the honey, tangy and slightly smoky from the hoisin sauce. All in all it's insanely good, even easier to make and I think I only dirtied a total of about 4 dishes, including the hubs and my plates.

Salmon with Hoisin Glaze

1 tbsp fresh orange juice
2 tbsp hoisin sauce
2 tsp honey
4 salmon fillets
salt and pepper

Heat broiler. In a small bowl whisk oj, hoisin sauce, and honey. Rinse salmon and pat dry. Season both sides with salt and pepper. Place on a rimmed baking sheet. Brush both sides of salmon generously with glaze. Broil salmon about 4 inches from heat, basting about half way through, until opaque in center, about 10 minutes.

Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart


  1. Just tried this recipe out tonight and the results were delicious! And you're right - it was incredibly simple!

  2. The Farmhouse Chef made this last night - DELICIOUS!!! And super simple - I might even be able to do it!! XOXO Mom