Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pretty Little Piglet

The best thing by far, about living and working in the beautiful city by the bay is the food! There are new, delicious restaurants popping up all the time and I just can't get enough. I've been trying to be really good with not eating lunch out since buying the farmhouse but when The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen opened up a short 10 minute walk from my office I couldn't help but succumb to its sexually cheesy advances. I finally got the chance to fall hard in love with a grilled cheese sandwich today that goes by the name of Piglet. It really couldn't have been any more perfect. Unfortunately, I can't yet provide a recipe for the deliciousness that is Piglet so for now, I'll provide the components. But I promise to work on my very own version and will post once it's perfected.

2 perfectly cut slices of country style rustic levain
beautiful tillamook sharp cheddar cheese
2 giant slices of artisan cured ham
a dollop of apple mustard
and finally, all fried up in rosemary butter

Let's just say, today, I died for a pretty little Piglet!

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