Sunday, October 17, 2010

Having Fun with Furniture (but don't worry- food is still my first love!)

ALERT: I'm about to veer away from the world of food for just a moment because I HAVE to tell you about my latest project. But, if you embrace your modern housewife role as I do then hopefully you'll find this inspiring.

Now that I'm a homeowner, I have a new found urge to do anything and everything I can myself. Assuming that all works out favorably, I'm finding that we can save lots of money and I actually found it to be a fun, productive way to spend a Sunday. My latest pride and joy is my first attempt at furniture refinishing.

We were in desperate need of a dresser and I figured, rather than paying almost $1000 for a new beautifully crafted dresser, I'd give a shot at updating one that wasn't quite as beautiful. I found this used dresser for $150 at a consignment store in Princeton.

The green drawers and reddish hued stain wasn't exactly cutting it so I took a trip to Home Depot, picked up an electric sander and some stain, and spent the following Sunday afternoon in the garage hard at work. I have to say, I'm pretty darn proud of the finished product and am excited to find my next project!

My most favorite part are the super cute mix and match crystal knobs I found at Anthropologie. Unfortunately, its hard to see in the photo but they are all different shapes and add a cute, quirkiness factor to the dresser that fits our little farmhouse so perfectly.

Thanks for baring with me and allowing me to share a new found love with you. Be back soon with a yummy, perfect Sunday supper recipe.